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About EMDR Consultation

As an EMDRIA Consultant-In-Training, I am accepting new consultees who are interested in working toward EMDRIA Certification.  To obtain the designation of EMDRIA Certified Therapist, you will need 20 hours of consultation beyond those required for your basic training.  10 of these must come from individual consultation while the rest may come from group.  My specialties include working with PTSD and complex trauma, addictions, and EMDR Early Intervention (EEI) for recent events.  My goal is to help you feel more confident in your application of EMDR when working with these populations and to be more effective as an EMDR clinician.

Regular consultation is an essential component in becoming an ethical and effective EMDR clinician.  Although both share the goal of education and professional development, consultation differs from the process of clinical supervision in which there is a legal responsibility for the services provided to clients.  EMDRIA requires consultees to receive individualized feedback and instruction in a variety of areas such as case conceptualization, client readiness, target selection, treatment planning, and application of essential skills.  Consultants will assess strengths and weaknesses through the review of each trainee's actual clinical experiences in their work setting.

EMDRIA guidelines allow for Consultants-In-Training to be able to provide 15 of the 20 required hours for certification (the remaining 5 must come from an EMDRIA Approved Consultant).  This can be a very effective, low-cost alternative.  My fee is $75 for a 1-hour individual consultation session.  Consultees must be willing to prepare for consultation sessions and use the time constructively.  Please contact me if you are interested to discuss further!