COVID-19 Childrens Book by Ana Gomez

Renowned child trauma therapist, Ana Gomez, wrote this wonderful, free interactive book to help explain the coronavirus situation to young children and help them work through their related feelings.  She has given permission to share and disseminate to anyone who may benefit.  It's 30 pages that you can just print (color is best but not necessary).  Click here for a copy of the book.


Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Click here for a printable workbook that can help you manage your anxiety symptoms related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This was created by The Wellness Society.

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ADDICTIONS (for Families)




We now know that traumatic stress reactions are actually biophysical in nature related to the massive release of survival hormones that flood the body.  Traumatic memories are stored in the primitive, survival-based structures of the brain and do not fade easily the way normal memories do and often lead to symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, raw emotions and physical sensations.  It is very helpful in the immediate aftermath of a trauma to learn and practice simple self-regulation skills that can help in relaxing and calming your system down.

  1. Click here for a page of free guided imagery recordings provided by Health Journeys and the Florida Counseling Association.
  2. Click here for brief descriptions of a variety of relaxation exercises compiled by The Trauma Center at JRI
  3. Click here for instructions on diaphragmatic breathing